Education Programming

Beginning with your campus and its particular building environment, we will develop a building concept that is specific to your desired student living experience.

Developing the budget and project schedule first is a priority, ensuring you will have a new facility as promised when students return.

Next, we assist with site and building selection for your project. Design of the living unit will match the space and amenities to the end-line-user, your students.

Typically, there are two types of living units, the private and the semi-private suite.

Semi-Private Suite

  • 540 sq. ft. gross area
  • 135 sq. ft. area per bed
Semi-private Suite

Semi-private Suite

The Semi-Private Suite is a living unit consisting of two double bedrooms that share a bathroom. In this space the living areas are combined with the sleeping areas. This space is ideal for drawing students into campus life rather than cocooning in their rooms.

Private Suite

  • 1020 sq. ft. gross area
  • 204 sq. ft. area per bed
Private Suite

Private Suite

The Private Suite is a living unit consisting of private bedrooms clustered around a separate living area, including two bathrooms. This suite is ideal for the student desiring more privacy.

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