Southern Lifestyles Assisted Living Center

  • Southern Lifestyles Assisted Living Center
  • 40,000 square feet
  • 6 month fast track construction schedule
  • Secure Wander Garden
Retirement Home Construction Project

Maxam’s first Assisted Living Facility was built following a chance meeting with a neighbor in Florida. At first, the developer / builder gave no serious thought to departing from his successful formula of always building in house. To satisfy our curiosities Maxam submitted a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) that not only was substantially lower, but also our time duration was 6 months from ground breaking to ribbon cutting (vs. the Owner’s 9 month schedule). And the final price came in under the GMP with savings returned to the Owner. After more than a decade of building double loaded corridor dormitories for State Agencies, this project was a walk in the park. We’re currently negotiating more ALF’s for the same client.

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